5 Best Ceiling Fans with Light for Bedrooms

Are you tired of the screeching sound that your ceiling fan makes? If yes then it’s high time to give it a change. A quality ceiling fan will not only improve the air circulation but enhance the aesthetics of the room. 

We have selected the best ceiling fans with lights for bedrooms so that you enjoy the cool breeze while lighting up the room. All of these ceiling fans are highly efficient with long-lasting performance.

Top Picks

#1. Honeywell 54″ Ceiling Fans with Integrated Light Kit

The Honeywell 54-inch Ceiling Fans are one of our premiums pick for its incredible design and smart connectivity. It can work with Alexa for voice control and this is undoubtedly the best smart ceiling fan for bedrooms out there. 

The fan is equipped with 3 brush nickel fan blades in matte black finish. It has a powerful motor with 3 different speed settings. The motor is backed up by a limited lifetime warranty so that you can get the best value out of the purchase. 

It also has a beautiful frosted glass bowl with two 13W CFL bulbs. The light creates a mellow vibe without being too overpowering. Both the fan speed and the brightness of the LED can be adjusted via remote control.

One of the most prominent features of this Honeywell ceiling fan is it comes with a 3-stage mounting system which makes it compatible to be mounted on both ceilings and walls. You can easily mount the fan in a mid-size room with any height level.


  • Limited lifetime warranty on motor
  • Versatile mounting modes
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • 2 LED bulbs
  • Remote control 


  • Need to buy a separate bond hub for Alexa

#2. Reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit

Best Ceiling Fan for Bedrooms

The Reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit has a compact size but it’s capable to cool down a 100-250 sqft room easily. Thanks to the silicon steel DC motor that ensures whisper-quiet operation. This feature makes it the best ceiling fan for the master bedroom. 

This fan is an excellent choice for tropical and humid areas. The blades have a moisture-proof design that can combat the high rate of moisture without deteriorating the quality of the blades. It has a fascinating feature that enables the blades to move in a counter-clockwise mode that creates an extra cooling effect during summer. 

The fan is also equipped with a light that comes with an LED light with three different settings: warm light, yellow light, and white light. Also, there are 6 variable speed setting allows you to choose the airflow as per your environment and personal preference. 

All these amazing features are backed up by a 30-days satisfaction guarantee. You can return the fan and get a refund if you’re not satisfied with the performance of the product.


  • Highly recommended for humid environment 
  • The adjustable fan speed and light settings
  • Can be controlled by remote
  • Easy installation 


  • Light is not very bright 

#3. Matthews IR3HLK-TB-WA-52 Irene 52″ Ceiling Fan

If you’re looking for the best decorative ceiling fan then this one is the best choice for you. It’s available in a myriad of different colors and the sleek design of the fan will go well on any type of room décor. 

It features walnut tone finish solid wood blades with a diameter of 52-inches. The 15-inch produces plenty of airflows to keep you cool in all seasons. You can mount the fan on both walls and on the ceiling depending on your preference.

It’s equipped with a 16-Watt integrated LED light with excellent luminosity. The light is dimmable as well as replaceable. The has 6 different speed settings and both the wind speed and light settings can be changed with the remote control.

The fan is super energy efficient and it comes with a reversible DC motor. The motor has a high torque rating at low speed which ensures better airflow with lower energy consumption. Also, it has an ultra-quiet operation which makes it a perfect fit for bedrooms.


  • Available in many different colors 
  • Bright LED light
  • Aesthetic design 
  • Ultra-quiet operation 


  • No warranty 

#4. Westinghouse Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light

The Westinghouse Indoor Ceiling Fan is an excellent choice for large rooms. It has a 60-inch diameter that is suitable for rooms up to 400 square feet. It comes with six applewood blades with an oil-rubbed finish that will add a vintage look to the room décor.

The fan features a powerful motor with superior performance. However, it has a whisper-quiet operation so that it doesn’t be a nuisance at all. The blades can be rotated in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The anticlockwise motion is suitable for summertime and the clockwise motion is recommended for winter.  

 It also includes two 8-watt T7 led bulbs. The bulbs are highly energy efficient they have adjustable brightness levels to match your preference. You can change the speed of the fan and the light’s brightness using the remote control.  The price may seem a bit on the heftier side, however, it comes with a lifetime warranty for the motor. Also, you’ll get a two-year warranty on the parts.


  • Suitable for large bedrooms
  • Reversible blade direction
  • High airflow 
  • Warranty on motor and other parts
  • Two LED bulbs


  • Expensive

#5. Fandian 36-Inch Modern Ceiling Fan with Light

The Fandian 36-Inch Modern Ceiling Fan is the best bedroom ceiling fan with light for small rooms. It has a compact size with an amazing design that will match up all kinds of room design. The retractable blades have an enclosed structure that adds a modern touch to the room’s décor.  It features a powerful motor with whisper-quiet operation. The fan has three adjustable speed ranges so that you get the best air circulation in your room. It comes with a highly luminous LED light with incredible durability. Both the speed and the light settings are can be changed using the remote control.  The fan has a simple installation process and there’s a video guide to help with the process. The product doesn’t come with any warranty. However, if you receive a faulty product then the company will get the full liability for that you’ll receive a refund or replacement.  Pros

  • Excellent design
  • Effectively spreads the air throughout the room
  • Bright light with 60,000 hours life expectancy 
  • Compact and lightweight construction 


  • The installation process is a bit tricky

Buying Guide Ceiling Fans with Light for Bedrooms

A ceiling fan is an essential part of every household. There are some crucial factors that you should consider to make the most of your purchase. 


The beauty of your room relies heavily on the appliances you install in there. The design of the fan is a crucial feature since the ceiling fan will be a part of your bedroom, therefore, an integral part of your daily life. 

Ceiling fans are available in many different colors and finishes. We have picked up the best ceiling fan for bedrooms in a variety of finishes like bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, antique finish, etc. You can choose the one that matches the best with your room decoration.

Ceiling Height

No matter how great the fan is, if it’s not compatible with the ceiling height then it’s not worth buying. If you have a tall ceiling then make sure you get a fan with a downrod. This will help to evenly spread out the air throughout the room.

Fan Speed

A majority of the modern ceiling fans come with an adjustable speed limit. All the ceiling fans we reviewed come with 3 to 6 different speed settings. This helps you pick the perfect wind speed that you prefer depending on the weather condition or your personal preference. 


A ceiling fan with light is a cool appliance as you get the convenience of two in one. The integrated lighting feature will keep your room well-lit and luminous. Also, the fans we picked come with an adjustable light feature so that you can change the brightness of the light as per your preference.

Remote Control

The remote control system is a holy grail for many lazy ones out there like me. You can change the wind speed and adjust the light’s brightness. 

Reversible Motor

The reversible motor allows the fan to rotate in a reverse direction. This helps to generate a downward air circulation as it pulls up the warm air from the room and displaces it with the cooler air. This feature comes in super handy during summer. 

Installation Process

Make sure that you install the fan in the proper position so that it can evenly spread the wind throughout the room. The ceiling fans we reviewed comes with a fairly simple installation process. Also, all of them include a manual guide to help you through the procedure. However, if you’re not familiar with the installation process then you should always take professional help.

Benefits of a ceiling fan with Light 

Reduces Temperature

Well, this one is a no-brainer. One of the core purposes of getting a ceiling fan is to reduce the temperature of the room. A ceiling fan will help you tackle the hot summer days and help you sleep better. 

Low Cost

A ceiling fan is one of the most convenient and cheapest methods of keeping the room cool. Air conditions and air coolers are also effective methods of lowering the temperature. However, they are much more expensive and consume more electricity compared to a ceiling fan. 


Along with the cool breeze, the ceiling fan will also enhance the aesthetics of your room. We have picked after some amazing ceiling fans and you can definitely find the best looked ceiling fan for your bedroom décor. 

Lighting Source

A ceiling fan with light is a two-in-one appliance that will not reduce the temperature but also act as an ambient lighting source. All the ceiling fans we reviewed come with adjustable lighting features. Whether you’re up for a movie night or reading your favorite book, the light will surely create a good vibe in the room.


Q. Where should a ceiling fan be placed in a bedroom?

Ans: The fan should be placed in the middle of the ceiling so that it can evenly spread out the air throughout the room. However, you can also go for wall mounting if you need more air circulation in a specific area. 

Q: Are ceiling fans good for bedrooms?

Ans: Yes, absolutely. Ceiling fans will not only keep you cozy during the hot summertime but they also enhance the aesthetics of the room.

Q: How to choose the best ceiling fan with lights?

Ans: Always go for a ceiling fan with adjustable settings. This will help you set up the light according to your mood and environmental condition. Try to get the one that comes with a remote control so that you don’t have to leave the cozy bed to change the wind speed or light settings.

Q: Why your bedroom needs a quality ceiling fan? 

Ans: Our bedroom is like a safe haven. A quality ceiling fan will ensure that you enjoy your stay at home in peace and the cool breeze from the fan will give you the comfort you need after a long tiring day.

Q: What size ceiling fan do I need for my master bedroom?

Ans: You should always pick a ceiling fan that’s compatible with the size of your room. You should go for a 36-42 inch ceiling fan for small rooms. For medium-sized rooms, a 44-48 inch fan will be enough. For large rooms go for a fan with 52-inches and above. 

Q: How do you balance a ceiling fan?

Ans: The ceiling fan can be balanced on the ceiling as well as the wall.

Final Words

We have selected the best ceiling fan with lights so that you can get the convenience of both the appliance for the price of one. All of them have excellent performance with superior durability. However, if you’re looking for an aesthetic one, do check out the Matthews Irene 52″ Ceiling Fan and the Honeywell 54″ Ceiling Fans for incredible performance.

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