About Me

Hello welcome to my Residence Designs Blog. Hello I am Richard Rogers a certified Interior designer. Besides, I have some awards on Architecture designs also. Professionally i am working with interior design and i have a small team where working almost 10 members. 6 members are full time working with me and 4 persons are doing remote job with me.

Already i have completed lot of apartment design and hotel also. I am also doing a work like research. Most of the homeowner  are complained me about some home item which they used on their house.

Let’s share a simple story that why born Residence Designs?

Okay let me explain simply with a simple story.

Simple Story🙂

As i am a Professional interior designer and where i have a architect team, sometime homeowner are asking us various questions like which types of kitchen faucet i can use on my kitchen? Which bathroom exhaust fan is best? How the keep safe their carpet, Sofa, kitchen and so on. Some questions are like how can i keep clean my outdoor yards? Which types of light is best for my pond?

However, regular me and my team are facing various product related questions. Finally i started to research about some special item which is Mandatory for a apartment, garden, outdoor and kitchen.

First of i tried to collect product from local fitting shop and tried to research online. And, got some Garbage websites and found normal product which has no long lasting guarantee and have no using convenience.

Than i start to research and writing and store it my pc and make it print. When people come to us and ask same questions we gave them the hard copy of my Resource. Once we tried to gave them print copy, than i got an idea that i can write my article on a blog where i can be share my thought easily with everyone. Than born Residence Designs and here also i am sharing regular product resource here.