Best way to clean carpets at home

Although you have best efforts at the cleanliness of your carpet, unfortunately, it will continuously become the victim of spills, drops, accidents and even on the bottom of your shoes. Carpet structures are as like as giant air filter, collecting our homes dust and dirt. If you learn professionally best way to clean carpets at home it keeps your carpets looking new always.

If you have coffee or tea stains on a light colored carpet, crayon marks, or simply everyday dirt and dust which build-up in your home, all type of your carpets need extra attention and care in every time. If you have eagerly wanted to know the best way to clean carpets with easily, here you found some simple and swift ways to remove obtrusive stains and chronic smells. Now we know how to clean carpet at home.

Best way to clean carpets at home

Blot stains and don’t rub them: At first you come to know what is the best way to clean carpet. Dab the stains with a cleaning solution and paper towels, clean cloth or sponge. Blotting creates small pressure on the stain of carpet to soak it up. Rubbing creates the fraction to reach the ground into the carpet fibers and this can prevent the premature breakdown of carpet’s fibers. Keep in mind that blotting outward may wheezing widely spread the satin so always blot your carpet from the stain inward.

Clean your carpet by vacuuming

1. Prepare your room

  • Remove unnecessary things such as papers, toys and any other objects which will be obstructed of your carpet when you clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning your carpet by vacuuming is the best way to clean carpets at home.
  • Recheck for every small item on the carpet because a small item it can be just a coin that might damage your machine.
  • Don’t forget to clean under your furniture.

Best way to clean carpets at home

2. Use the nozzle to clean that area where hard to reach

  • The carpets corner often collects dirt and dust and that is hard to reach which should be removed first.
  • If it is tough to remove furniture, you can use cranny extension or nozzle attachment to reach hard areas and to remove dust and dirt bunnies.

3. The vacuum in both ways, vertically and horizontally

  • Vacuum your entire room both backward and forward and repeat this processing from left side to right side.
  • This can be especially conducive if you like to keep pets with you because hair and dander fall on your carpet from them.

4. Vacuuming regularly

  • Generally, it’s recommended you that vacuum your carpet at least one time of a week for every person or roughly twenty pounds of your pet such as think, for a couple of 2 cats should vacuum at least 3 times of a week. Don’t forget that the main reason of vacuuming is to clean dander and hair if you have a pet.
  • Your carpet may look soiled with pet hair or dirt but that means not it’s clean so, forget all and vacuum it often.

Stain cleaning

1. Use a white clean cloth

  • Be aware to use rags because it has patterns and it may change your carpet color. For this problem, paper towels can be a perfectly adequate solution and it is the best way to clean a carpet by hand.
  • Be sure about blot stains with a piece of white clean cloth which you use for cleaning the carpet. Use an extra clean cloth when try to remove the stain from bolt on your carpet.
  • Try to avoid brushes or bristles because it may damage your carpet’s fiber.
  • Spot or stain cleaning is a small part of cleaning carpet at home but this is not a regular part of the best way to clean carpets at home.

2. Choose the right products for the carpet cleaner

  • In the local market, you found an available chemical commercial carpet cleaner. You found them mostly spray bottles because it makes easier your spot cleaning.
  • If your carpet is affected by a blood stain, use hydrogen peroxide or cold water but be aware of using warm water it may set the satin for a long time on your carpet so, try to don’t use warm water. For a dry spot best thing to clean carpet is enzyme-based detergent and hydrogen peroxide.
  • The stain of pet urine picks up enzyme-based cleaner cause it’s specially made for this type of stain.

3. Wash the carpet

  • Take water and a piece of white clean cloth for cleaning your carpet. Carpet should not soak with water because it may absorb into the beneath of carpet pad and later, it may occur some problems.
  • Take some time to dry the area completely in a natural way. If you used a huge water to rinse off it or if it is a large stain, you can use carpet dryer to dry it quickly.

Detergent vs grease
It is difficult to clean grease stains. To remove grease stains you can use grease-cutting dishwashing cleaner or detergent with a cup of water. It will remove the grease stains from your carpet on that way which it does work on your dishes. Put it in a spray bottle and spread it just on the stain. You may need this solution frequently for larger stains in next time.

Freeze-dried gum
If you found chewing gum on carpet it is not easy to remove it. To get it out you need two pieces of ice cubes. Keep this ice on gum at least 30 seconds and give some time to freeze it. While the gum turned into frozen use a spoon to remove it. If you need to cut slight of an amount of your carpet, the stain will not noticeable.

Use shaving cream
Ordinary shaving cream can be the best thing to clean carpet for general stains. It is able to remove every type of spot and stain. Directly apply it to the stain or any spot of carpet and leave it for thirty minutes. When the shaving cream has set, wipe it with the dry white clean cloth. The last step is spraying on the stain with water which mixed with ½ part vinegar and ½ parts clean water and then wipes with clean cloth give some time to dry it naturally.

Preventing messes on your carpet

Cleaning carpet at home is generally difficult to clean for its structure. So, try as much as possible drinking and eating on non-carpeted areas. Remove your shoes when cleaning carpets. Be aware of your pets and you should properly train them by an expert trainer. Try to remove any staining as much as possible. Because it stayed longer, it will be difficult to remove.

A clean and spot free carpet may change your home appearance and it will be hygienic for you and your family members. These secret tips of the best way to clean carpets at home will make easier your work to clean carpet. Deep clean is essential for every 6 months to keep it looking fresh and new.

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