Best way to get rid of weeds permanently

Everyone wants weeds free garden but it’s not easy. Weeds find ways to grow anywhere always. Knowing the best way to get rid of weeds permanently, you need to become familiar with weed treatments and different types of weeds. You must be very careful to choose weed killer chemicals and use it in a limited situation. It’s important to note what kind of chemical is suitable and unsuitable for lawn care. Make sure that all kind of weeds is killed.

Unexpectedly like weeds, nothing robs your nutrients of plant and spaces. To get rid of weeds, you need to work on. Let’s know the easiest way to get rid of weeds permanently.

What is a weed?
It’s a common question and must you came to know that what is weed and what is not. Sometimes it really hard to tell which is healthy plant and might be highly useful and which are actually weeds. Actually, weed is a wild grown plant which is unwanted. We can also say that weed is any kind of plant that you don’t want to keep your garden.

Unwanted weeds take up nutrients and valuable water and invade the landscape to a lawn or garden. Specifically defining the regular plants and weeds are really complicated.

Best way to get rid of weeds permanently

Baking Soda: Do you want to know a safe method to keep grasses and weeds from fracture of your driveways, walkways and paved patios? Take baking soda and sprinkle it on the fracture of concrete by your hand and sweep it. Baking soda contains sodium that will helpful to kill weeds and less hospitable to weeds, grass, and dandelions.

Best way to get rid of weeds permanentlyNewspaper: If you don’t want to kill your weeds with chemicals, then using a carpet of the newspaper would be the best way to get rid of weeds permanently. Make a carpet with a newspaper which blocks oxygen and sunlight from reaching the soil which prevents to grow new ones. Which weeds already die from lack of sun the weed seeds will not be able to sprout. At least ten sheet layers of newspaper throw down and cover it with 1 or 2 of mulch. Sometimes you need to add more layer of the newspaper if weeds start growing in the mulch.

Rubbing alcohol: Rubbing alcohol helps to evaporate it quickly because it draws water when you used it around the house. Do you guess what? It will do the same thing if you put it on a plant. In this way, you will be sucking the lifeblood of the weed. But alcohol is non-selective and at first marks the weeds which you don’t want to keep in your garden or lawn. Rubbing alcohol kills any type of vegetation which comes to contact with it.

Vinegar: Vinegar is one of the best ways to get rid of weeds and it great organic homemade weed killer. Vinegar contains acetic acid and it sucks the life out of plant leaves and it’s really destructive to immature roots and young plants. Like thistle or pennywort like rolls of weeds with waxy leaves. Ensure that you cover necessary plants before spraying vinegar because vinegar is able to kill any type of plants. Keep your spray target. Spray vinegar into the mouth of the bottle and keep it splattering on your vegetables.

Best way to get rid of weeds permanentlySalt: It’s a war tactic that salt fields of enemies and the best way to get rid of weeds. Those weeds are tough to eradicate from your walkways but do you know using salt can do this job very easy for you. Take two cups of water and one cup of salt for boiling. Directly pour this mixture into unwanted weeds which you want to kill. Another useful way is direct to sprinkle salt on to the unwanted weeds and grass. You can sprinkle the water or wait until the rain done this. We know that salt will able to kill plants and make the soil unsuitable for future undesirable plants growth.


Eradicate weeds with oil: We are not talking about old engine oil, gasoline or diesel oil because this all types of oil are toxic for soil you never should be used this into your garden to kill weeds. You can use canola or sunflower oil or cheap vegetable oil. Because these type of oil contain natural pesticide and herbicide properties and able to break down bacteria in the soil. These essential oils are very effective as a weed killer. Choose any of the oils which mentioned and spread the oil on the weeds so that it smoother and coats them.

Boiling water: Do you know naturally soil has a temperature which helps the plant to grow well. If you can be able to change the temperature or PH level of the water then it prevents to grow weeds such as plain H2O can be work as an effective weed killer. Do you know boiling water treatment is more effective and best way to kill weed permanently than any other methods to kill weeds? Boiling a kettle of water and directly pour it into the weeds which you want to remove from your garden or lawn. It’s one of the best ways to clean unwanted plants on sidewalks or driveways. Boiling water is able instantly to kill any plants and vegetations.

Pull out weeds: Always pulling out weeds is not easy, who has tried this he knows well. At first close to your veggies and herbs in raised beds for weeds, it’s the best way to clean weeds. When the soil is moist from watering this time is best to pull weeds. But slowly the unwanted weeds which you want to allow in your garden. Pull them carefully so that, pull out a plant with its roots. And use garden gloves for spinose plants to protect your hand. Some weeds are fairly easy to remove it with roots by pulling but some are really hard. Another option is to curb weed population when they are much younger. If you mark out any weeds that you can’t saw before then wipe it away.

We know that weeds are really harmful to a garden. Now you know the best way to kill weeds permanently. Make sure all weeds are killed and murder those weed which is most foul but try to choose a natural method and avoid harmful chemicals. To kill weeds you need some weapons which are already in your house and these all are the best way to get rid of weeds permanently.

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