How to clean carpet with baking soda

It is one of the most common questions that how to clean carpet with baking soda. Using baking soda might be the right solution to remove stains from your carpet rather than using harsh chemicals because there are many side effects of modern cleaning techniques such as it can be irritating your eyes and harmful for the environment. But baking soda is exceptional.

Baking soda is not the only cheapest way to clean carpet and easy to use but also safe for humans, pets and versatile one that means you can use it multiple ways. It is an inexpensive solution. You can just scatter it on the floor to reanimate the carpet before vacuuming. It makes your carpet revitalize and freshen like professional cleanings.

How to clean carpet with baking soda

From this article, you need to know why you use baking soda to clean your carpet.

Removing non-greasy stains
To remove non-greasy stains you need to know some tips. Now we discuss how to clean carpet with baking soda from non-greasy stains:

  • How to clean carpet with baking sodaScatter a generous quantity of baking soda all over the stain.
  • At first, you need a spray bottle then lightly create mist on the stain with some hot water.
  • Allow the mixture at least for three hours if possible allow this mixture more time to sit it well and keep the area damp. Before you go to bed, you do it at night.
  • You can keep a damp cloth on the stain so that you would not have to continue misting it to keep damp.
  • If you see the stain still show on your carpet, you need to do vacuum the area or you can repeat this process again to make sure you get it all out.

Greasy stain removal
All stains are not easy to clean up. If there is grease stain you will need to take a different method to remove stains. You can follow these steps to clean carpet with baking soda:

  • You can use a rag or paper towel to wipe the stain. Try to remove grease as much as possible weeping by a towel. Don’t rub the grease roughly on your carpet because it may damage your carpet fibers.
  • Scatter baking soda on the spot and allow sometimes to sit, more grease spot will be able to dry up.
  • You are all most done when you can’t see any stain! If you saw the stain is still available on your carpet, take little dish soap because it will help cut through the grease stain from the carpet.
  • Urgently start blotting with a towel and water. Don’t forget to blot so you don’t extend the grease any damaged area to the carpet fibers.
  • The last step, give some time until dry it. Spread another layer of baking soda onto the stain before vacuuming and allow it minimum for 3 hours.

Baking soda treatment for carpets with tougher smells
Carpets require more than ordinary cleaning approaches because of its tough smell. After washing carpet if there is coming bad smells it is important to sniff it first after you are through with the initial next process. In this case, just baking soda is not effective as you want. Before baking soda treatments, it’s important shampooing the carpet. This treatment will help to eliminate dirt and bad smell completely. If you don’t want to use shampoo there is an alternative way. You can use white vinegar with water. Give some time after washing the carpet to dry it completely before you begin the process of cleaning carpet with baking soda. I hope now you are able to understand clearly how to clean carpet with baking soda.

If you are dealing with very smelly carpets you can also use scent with baking soda. The fresh scent will help to remove the old smell. You can add essential oil with baking soda. Other noticeable fresh scents that will help include eucalyptus, lavender, and lemongrass.

Natural carpet freshener
Debris drug, forgotten food, pet hair and dander, shoes all can leave your carpet and it may create bad smelling. At first, you can vacuum the carpet to pick up debris, dust, pet hair and dander to eliminate these odors before sprinkling baking soda over the carpet. Leave the baking soda on the carpet to remove odors overnight. For much fresher smell vacuum it next morning. These tricks, baking soda on wet carpet works for eliminating the bad smell of new carpet.


Pet stains dissolver
For pet urine in carpet baking soda with vinegar can be a powerful solution even spot have dried. Without puddle give some time to sit vinegar completely on the stain and until it wet then sprinkle baking soda over the wet vinegar on the stain and allow it for overnight. To avoid stepping, cover the treated area with a bowl or pan. When it dries completely vacuum the baking soda.

Carpet cleaners and baking soda
Who prefer to stay up off the ground and want to still use baking soda here is a solution for them. But at first, you need to know how to clean carpet with baking soda. You can take enough amount of baking soda and mix it with normal water and this mixture will help you to clean the floors. You may add some little dish wash because it fights against spot and oily grease. When, you use this mixture, your floor, and carpet smell and look new without using any harsh chemicals. This can be one of the safest and smartest ways for infants and animals and you can get professionally clean carpet in your home.

You can make a routine for carpet cleaning. It’s better for carpet sprinkle at least once of a month. In that way, you have clean and fresh carpets every month.

It is not a matter of fact what method you take. But important thing is that have baking soda carpet cleaner on hand but for this, you must know how to clean carpet by hand. We already knew baking soda is a great weapon against carpet stain and now we know how to clean carpet with baking soda. So, you are able to start to clean your carpet professionally using baking soda.

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