Are you facing these countertop problems as well?

Kitchen countertops are made with the desire of durability, however, even the well kept one faces a lot of problems as the time fades away. In most cases, people after a couple of years get their countertop replaced or they try to fix the problem with a professional aid. Countertops add to the overall beauty of the kitchen but when it gets damaged, people try to cover it with various mediums instead of fixing the problem by seeking expert advice.

Below are some common countertop problems that every house experiences and how to get rid of these:

A Broken Countertop:

With time, wear and tear is a normal problem but if not fixed on time then it could lead to various problems. A broken countertop generally attacks a part of the entire thing. Therefore, the good news is that you do not have to fix the entire countertop. In fact, fixing the damaged area will work wonders for your kitchen and you. Following may be the reasons why countertops get damaged in the first place:

  • The foundation of the countertop is uneven
  • The joints are not properly carved and crafted
  • Glue was still wet at the time of countertop installation
  • A lot of weight on one particular area on the counter

The Solution: The magnitude of these problems will decide the solution for it. If it is a small crack then all you need an adhesive to repair this problem but if the problem is major then only the professional can help with the filler material.

Heavy Appliances Need Proper Support:

The kitchen appliances are heavy and to support their weight, the countertop needs to installed efficiently. If this is not kept in mind while installation then the weight of the same can damage the countertop. Appliances that need excessive heat need proper vents so that the countertops and cabinets can be kept away from any kind of damage because of the excessive heat produced. This point usually people miss but this one is the most crucial as countertops & cabinets are delicacies of any kitchen.

Water Can Also Damage The Countertops:

Water has the tendency to destroy anything and everything if not taken care of. The kitchens that are smaller in size or have wooden countertops are more prone to water damage. If the doors to your cabinets are not closing in a proper way or you are even no uniformity amongst the countertop and the cabinets then these are the signs are water damaging your kitchen.

The Solution: in order to save your kitchen from any water damage, make certain your sink is installed properly without any cracks. The crack can cause the leak damaging the cabinets and the countertop. Therefore, looking closely!

Mostly, Hot Dishes Damage The Countertop:

Inadvertently, we end up placing hot dishes straight on the countertops. This may be an awful practice in most kitchens. Sometimes, you are lucky enough, nothing happens to the counter but if the damage is severe then it may leave a stain behind. Even if your countertop is carved out of the finest stone, still, excessive and continuous heat can damage the counter bit by bit. Here is what you need to do if your countertop has been damaged due to excessive heat.

The solution here is not a quick fix. In fact, depending upon the material the solution will be crafted. However, regardless of the material, the first step remains the same for all.

  • Clean the countertops so that no dust and dirt particles are left behind
  • Laminate the countertop to protect it against excessive heat
  • To remove stains, apply toothpaste on the stain using a spatula
  • Let the toothpaste settle down for next ten minutes
  • Scrub the stain with the help of a toothbrush
  • Once the stain is removed, wipe off the surface with a clean cloth

However, this remedy will only work if the damage is not beyond a certain point. If the magnitude of the damage is huge, professional help is all you need.

Scratches on Countertops:

The utensils are usually dragged roughly on the countertops leading to scratches and cracks. The solutions for filling these scratches and chips are a bit complicated.

Create boundaries using a masking tape so that only the damaged area is exposed

The mixture should have the same color of what the granite has

Apply this mixture on the damaged area

Remove the masking tape

Use granite polish over the damaged area


Keep your kitchen healthy, clean, and damage free!


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