Elucidating Different Types of Kitchen Sinks

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Classification of Kitchen Sinks

Here the kitchen sinks are divided into different classes based on different aspects. The classification is made only if they had practical consequences.

So, there ain’t any shit here-

Kitchen sink categories based on the structure

  • Apron/farm house kitchen sinks
  • Bar/prep kitchen sink
  • Corner kitchen sink
  • Drainboard kitchen sink

Kitchen sink categories based on the mounting position

  • Under-mount kitchen sink
  • Top mount kitchen sinks
  • Flush mount kitchen sink
  • Integrated sink
  • Pedestal kitchen sinks
  • Wall-mounted kitchen sinks
  • Kitchen island sink

Kitchen sink categories based on bowl configuration

  • Single bowl kitchen sink
  • Double bowl kitchen sink
  • Double-offset kitchen sink
  • Low divider double bowl sink

Kitchen sink categories based on built material

  • Stainless steel kitchen sinks
  • Granite composite kitchen sinks
  • Cast iron kitchen sinks
  • Fireclay kitchen sink
  • Quartz kitchen sink
  • Bamboo kitchen sink
  • Copper kitchen sink
  • Porcelain kitchen sink
  • Acrylic kitchen sink
  • Stone kitchen sink
  • Concrete kitchen sink

In total, there are 26 types of kitchen faucets. However, 11 of them are just based on materials. But they deserve a spot in this list because of their distinct characteristics and importance while choosing a particular type.

Some Details of The Different Kitchen Sinks

We are giving a small number of details on each of the classifications so that you will be able to understand why they are different and how do they compare to others. And we are basing the classification on four aspects-

  • Structure
  • Mounting position
  • Bowl configuration
  • Built material

The sub-categories of the different basis of the classifications might overlap in terms of features. But the subcategories of different basses will not overlap in primary features. And this distinction is important and has practical value.

Kitchen sink categories based on the structure

Here the main difference between the sinks based on the structure of the product. You will see the difference in the physical appearance of the sink.

Farmhouse/ Apron sink

With the resurrection of rustic and farmhouse kitchen, interior designs are bringing back this kitchen sink. They are good for big families as they have more space. Generally, they are made of fireclay, cast iron, and other nonporous materials.

You will also find them in all bowl and mounting configurations. However, they could be tough to install.

Bar/ prep kitchen sink faucet

These are smaller sinks generally sued for preparation work in the kitchen. You might also see them in home bars, patios, and terraces. Recreational vehicles and yachts might also have this sink.

With a shallow basin, they might have a low flow rate faucets. Choosing a bar sink faucet could be tricky. You can check out our article on the best bar sink faucet if you need one. They will never have double basins.

Corner kitchen sink

Corner sinks are easy to identify as they are always placed in the corner of the counter to maximize the counter space. There might be a drainboard in the middle and two sinks on both sides. These sinks will need swivel capable faucets.

Installing these sinks are very difficult. They might also be expensive to purchase. However, once you install them, they are of great value.

Drainboard sink

These sinks have a drainboard beside the sink. You can leave your drenched dishes there to drain out the excess water. They are great in gallery kitchens. You can also use the board for other purposes. This sink also goes with dishwashers if you don’t have a drier with it.

However, they might come with shallow sinks, which is not good for large scale cooking and dishwashing.

Kitchen sink faucets based on mounting positions

Here the sinks are divided based on the mounting position and installation process. The way a sink is positioned and mounted on the counter is the main criterion that differs in these sinks.

Undermount sinks

These sinks are attached to the underside of the countertops with clips and other fastening instruments. They might also have legs that support them underneath the counter. But they will never have any rim.

Undermounts have no rim, so you can easily wipe all the crumbs and water in the sink. And most of the time, they are made with high-quality materials. However, they are the most expensive and hard to install.

Top mount kitchen sinks/ Drop-in kitchen sinks/ self-rimming

This is the most common type in this list. There will always be a rim around the sink. A hole will be cut in the counter according to the instructions of the manufacturer. And the sink will be placed in that area and secured with adhesives and hardware.

These are very easy to install and relatively low-cost option for the middle-class. However, the rim could also create a few problems.

Flush mount kitchen sink

This looks a lot like the under-mount sinks. However, their installation process is entirely different. They have no rims and have a smooth transition from the counter to the sink. The color contrast of the sink rim will be in accordance with the countertop, and there will be no grout line. But they might be expensive to install.

Integrated sink

You might confuse integrated sinks with flush mount sinks. But they have a slight difference which might often be overlooked. Integrated sinks are made with the same material that your counter is made of. Most of the time it is supplied by the manufacturer of your counter.

They also don’t have any rim and are smoothly connected. In my opinion, this is the best structure that you can buy. They are quite hard to install without any grouts. So you will need a professional. But they look great and gives you more flexibility in the kitchen.

Pedestal kitchen sink

These are sinks that sit on a pedestal. Although they are seen mostly in bathrooms, some old homes and buildings still have them in their kitchen. However, they are not the right choice for modern kitchens.

Wall-mounted kitchen sinks

The name explains everything. These sinks are mounted on a wall and might have a set of legs in front of the sink. These are generally large and quite hard to install. But they are durable and made with long-lasting materials.

Kitchen island sink

Kitchen islands are the counters that are freestanding on the kitchen floor. They are generally seen in large kitchens. And the sinks that come with those island counters are called kitchen island sinks.

These sinks make your kitchen a complete workstation, and they tend to come as a bar sink/prep sink. However, they can also be the main deep sink. These supplements are quite hard to install, especially if it is the first time you are installing plumbing equipment on the island. Hence, they are a little expensive too.

Kitchen sink categories based on bowl configuration

You can also divide the sinks based on bowl configuration. This is a simple yet important distinction to keep in mind while shopping.

Single bowl kitchen sink

Sinks with a single basin are called single bowl kitchen faucet. You will see that in a lot of kitchen faucets. They are the most versatile type in this list, appearing in a lot of kitchen sink types.

Double bowl kitchen sink

These have two basins in a single sink. There will be a divider in the middle. And the faucet will be able to move around the sink area. One of the sinks might be smaller than the other. But the divider will ultimately separate the two sections.

Double-offset kitchen sink

It is also a double bowl faucet, but the two basins here will not have a perfect alignment. And one of the sinks will be considerably smaller than the other.

Low divider double bowl sink

Again this is a double bowl sink. But the divider in these sinks is a little smaller than the other sinks. This sink creates less mess for obvious reasons, and they are easier to use. Although you can pack a lot of small instrument in a low divider sink, you might get into problems with large bowls.

Kitchen sink categories based on built material

Now, I don’t want to define all of these sink type as you already know that they are categorized based on their built materials. So you know the main difference. Hence, I am going to emphasize on their pros and cons.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks

These sinks are light and easy to install. They are also cheaper than a lot of other options. But their look is not always the best. And they will also be a little noisy. At the same time, they are also resistant to corrosion and other watermarks.

Granite composite kitchen sinks

Crushed granite and other materials like raisin are glued together to make this composition. They are very durable and heavier than most sinks. However, they are inherently sound resistant. Watermarks and corrosion spots are also less there.

Cast iron kitchen sinks

Many country style farmhouse kitchens are adopting this material. These are generally sprayed with many coatings such as porcelain. For this coating, you will not be able to use abrasive chemicals. Moreover, the hardness of the material might damage your dishes.

Fireclay kitchen sink

Fireclay is a lot like cast iron. But they are more durable with less of the harness. And you will also be able to use all kinds of cleaning chemicals. But they will be more expensive than iron. They are also very stylish.

Quartz kitchen sink

They are good for large countertops. These often come with the countertop like an integrated sink. They look better and have a durable lifetime. However, they will also be a little expensive.

Bamboo kitchen sink

Yes, they exist. And they are pretty good at what they do.

Bamboo is very good at handling water. Bamboo sinks have an aesthetic look, and they are pretty durable too. You might see them in restaurant kitchens and other more stylish kitchens. They will have a top coat to ensure a consistent look. They go very well with wooden countertops.

Copper kitchen sink

They are very expensive. But they also give you some of the most unique features. They have antimicrobial properties and resistant to rust and corrosion. Copper looks very good in a modern kitchen, but they might change color with time. So, this could be a problem.

Porcelain kitchen sink

This is a composition of clay, glass, and metal. They give you a great look at a low price point. But it might discolor, and it is also not very durable. So, I don’t think it is a good choice unless you really need good looks at a low price.

Acrylic kitchen sink

Acrylic is a fascinating material for kitchen sinks. This metal is very flexible, allowing for many styles of sinks. You can also remove scratches and stains can be buffed out. It is also very soft on your dishes. But this will not be as durable as most other options.

Stone kitchen sink

Yes, I know I mentioned granite before, but granite composite and stone is not the same. Here we are talking about full stone sinks like full granite or marble sinks. They are one of the best-looking sinks in the market.

Every sink is unique when you are dealing with stones. They are durable porous materials. But they will need proper sealing. And they will be heavy as well. Lastly, they are also costly.

Concrete kitchen sink

These are often custom made. So, you can style it your way. They can be seamless or with drainboards. But this customization will cost you periodic sealing. The sink is also a little heavy and may cost a bit more than other sinks. They are also not that durable.


Sinks That Are Mistaken for Kitchen Sinks

While researching, I came across many sources that where mistakenly mentioning bathroom sinks as kitchen sinks. Here is a list of those sinks-

  • Console kitchen sinks
  • Vessel kitchen sinks
  • Vanity sinks

They are distinctive sinks for bathroom counters and are utterly ineffective in kitchens. They look excellent and might be very durable. But they are designed explicitly for washrooms. You can’t do the regular kitchen sink jobs in them.

So, be aware of sources that mention them as kitchen sinks.


Knowing about the different types of kitchen sinks will help you to make a better choice for your kitchen. But first, you have to decide your budget, style requirements, and other factors. Then look at this article again to find out your sink.

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