How to clean a kitchen step by step

Like a sparkling and clean kitchen, nothing says “Good Morning”! Cleaning your kitchen seems to be a daunting task. You will be costing your way through the cleaning task your kitchen to add some great music. Do you want to know actually which tasks are better to tackle? The tips on how to clean a kitchen step by step that will speed your routine and guarantee a thorough clean.

I don’t know anything about you but sometimes it is the hardest part for me to know where to start is better about getting a task done. The 2nd hardest part is knowing when I am completely done. For this reason, I like to follow step by step guide tips to keep the kitchen clean and organized. Scroll step by step and let’s get started!

How to clean a kitchen step by step

Clear the decks: Put away all of the items that are not in their proper place but belongs in the kitchen. Separate that items which are needed for your kitchen and which are not necessarily put them into a basket for putting away later or if you have someone to help you can enlist their help to do this. Do not stop working until you can’t take these misplaced items to their homes.

Clean the upper cabinets: At first, determine your mind to purpose clean and spray the microwave interior and allow it for 2-3 minutes. With a soapy cloth, a damp, wipe down the external part. Avoid soap water to remove any fingerprints and use diluted white vinegar with a cloth moistened if it is made of stainless steel. Next step is wipe frames, doors, vent gates, hooks. If you have backsplash wipe this with a fresh damp and soapy cloth.

Dust down the high zones like ceiling and corner of walls: Determine your minds if the walls have dirty spots and need to be washed. When you wash spots remember doorknobs, switch plates, air vents and doors. Like other things of kitchen room walls need to be washed. If you noticed you saw that blender or hand mixer sloshed goop all over the wall. Take your time to clean the grime, grease, and spilled food stain from your kitchen wall. You should knock debris and dirt from the floor. Using a telescoping duster and work your way cleaning upper corners around the whole kitchen and it’s better to start above the sink. Remember to clean and wipe the top of the fridge and refrigerator.

How to clean a kitchen step by stepClean the coffee maker: Clean all small appliances from top to the bottom including coffeemaker, toaster, and stand mixer. You can use multi-surface formula or glass cleaner or cleaning wipe. Wipe it soapy water and then give some time to rinse and dry.

Wipe the stovetop: Just let crumbs fall to the floor, mob the top of the stove with a clean and dry cloth. This method is more effective to get them at the end. To keep grease from transferring, swap out the cloth to another surface when you are finished your work.

Put away clean items: Before cleaning at first put away all clean items such as food ingredients and clean dishes. Put them in the proper storage area. Though every kitchen this will be different but generally try to keep each type of item in its own designated area. Every item has their own area such as silverware will have its own area, the plates will have their own area, the glasses will have their own area and the other items will have their own storage. This method is more effective of this article how to clean a kitchen step by step. Each type of ingredients will put its own storage in the kitchen.

Put away extra food: When we cook sometimes we tend to make extra food. When we do this we store the extra food for later by placing it in the marvelous invention and its called Tupperware. It’s better for placing and putting the extra food in the Tupperware. Don’t forget to close and putting the Tupperware in the fridge.

Through away trash: It is fairly simple and best way to clean kitchen but it is easy to mess up. At first, it’s important to gather all items that cannot be reused throw them into the garbage can. At first, it looks disgusting but when you complete this job your kitchen looking clean and fresh.

Sweep the floor: Pull out apparatus to reach the kitchen walls. If you have done, follow with a mop or a steam cleaner. Using a bucket and starting from the room entrance and dump the used and dirty water down the toilet or outside.

Clean toilet: Clean your bathroom and toilet surfaces with sanitizing bathroom cleaner and seat top, bowl cover top, the toilet top, and seat underside. While you rinse out inside the bowl of toilet leave the seat up. Where mildew hides, a good toilet cleaner makes easy to scrub. With cleaning, cloths wipe well surfaces area of a toilet and give some time to dry.

Apply cleaners: Put wastebasket outside the room. Use toilet bowl cleaner or sanitizing pine cleaner for the bathtub or shower wall. While you turn your attention to the sink leave cleaners to stand so they get to work dissolving grime and grease.

Wipe down: When your all dishes and items are cleaned now time to wipe down the stove and counter. The next step is fairly simple just ensure to wipe down whole kitchen area including the kitchen sink.

Admire: Now you are finally done with cleaning the kitchen. It can be time annoying, consuming, even disgusting at times. A clean kitchen helps you feel better where you live and helps to keep your home sanitary and prevents pests. So, rejoice and feel relax for your hard work to clean kitchen.

We sacred to think this matter if we start how will we finish? The scariest part of overwhelming that kitchen chaos isn’t known where to begin will be easy for you. There are so many areas that need attending. Fortunately, your today’s checklist of “how to clean a kitchen step by step” breaks the whole process that you did before. These quick kitchen cleaning tips keep you on a track.

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