How to clean inside of refrigerator

Keep your fridge daily tidy and clean is an important part of maintaining a clean refrigerator. This article explains to you how to clean inside of refrigerator and your food safe. Though cleaning a refrigerator is never pleasant but it’s essential for your own safety. Not only for an allergic reaction but also unclean refrigerator may cause illness. But luckily, using some ingredients in your pantry you can get rid of mold and mildew in your refrigerator.

We know that a refrigerator is the hub of our pantry and seriously we depend on it to store our food until we are ready to use them. But unfortunately, we abuse it such as we forget leftovers, we stuff it full and leave spills until they have the crystallized. So, it important to know what is the best way to clean refrigerator and freezer because it effectively and efficiently will save your time.

What you need

  • Fresh cleaning cloths or paper towels
  • Hot water
  • A cooler with ice
  • Dish soap and dish towels
  • Multipurpose cleaning spray
  • Non-abrasive scrubber
  • Bleach
  • Dishwashing gloves
  • Glass cleaner or vinegar for stainless steel models
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Flashlight and
  • Old toothbrush

How to clean inside of refrigerator

  1. Unplug the refrigerator: To save energy when you clean please unplug the fridge if needed scrubbing power or shelves are not removable. If you are conscientious about closing the door or shelves are removable you may leave it plugged in.
  2. Empty the fridge: You have to need empty space so that you can easily assess what times to sort through and you need completely emptied out your refrigerator. You can do this at once in sections. Food sitting out helps me do everything faster. Set your refrigerator into two parts. When one part needs to be cleaned out and another area needs to be put back into the fridge. That’s not in a container and needs to be discarded and of course, you need to keep goes straight into the trash. Group same items together because it’s an easy way to clean your refrigerator.
  3. How to clean inside of refrigeratorRemove shelves and drawers: Take out all shelves and drawers that are removable because these are made of plastic or metal and it needs to wash with dish soap or hot water in a right way. For glass and ceramics used hot water to prevent breaking and cracking before washed and it needs gradually warm up to room temperature.
  4. Clean interior space: You will need to use something that kills mildew and mold when you clean the interior of your refrigerator. To clean interior space, use a mild detergent with hot water and a clean cloth. The best way to clean a refrigerator and fridge is to start cleaning from top to bottom because it reduces the chances dripping on the surface area of your refrigerator that you cleaned before. You can follow an alternative away, you may keep a warm wet cloth on the spilled area and allow it for few minutes so that the spilled area and stain will be easier and softer to wipe away. Then rinse clothes or paper towels and ensure your cleanliness. You need to give special attention to the back of the refrigerator and bottom crevices area where spills tend to migrate. And finally, you are now able to wipe down the interior doors.
  5. Wash every part which removable: Wash every part with soft cloth or sponge and soapy water in a sink. Maybe this space of your kitchen sink is not enough to wash the drawers so you can use your bathtub if you wish. And at the last stage rinse them all and let it air dry.
  6. Dry interior: For wipe down the interior of the refrigerator using a clean towel or dry cloth. And ensure that now it’s completely dry. It’s important to dry the interior doors as well and don’t forget it.
  7. Cleaning the fan blade and condenser coils: For releasing heat back into the ambient air your refrigerator fan and condenser coils are responsible for this. When your refrigerator coils are covered by debris, dust and hair at that time heat can’t release properly and your refrigerator compressor needs to work harder to keep the refrigerator cool. To keep your refrigerator is in optimal stage every six months at least once time cleans your refrigerator condenser coils.
  8. Replacing water filter: Every six months later you need you need to replace your refrigerator filter and it’s an important part of how to clean inside of the refrigerator. Either it may cause clogs in your ice maker system or contaminants in your water.
  9. Do a seasonal pass through to keep your refrigerator looking good and fresh smelling: Baking soda or vinegar can be the best solution for your refrigerator clean. Remove most all of your food item from the refrigerator every three months later and wipe all the surface area with vinegar or baking soda. Regular maintenance will save your energy and time. Now you think how to remove the smell from your refrigerator, just a lemon can be the best solution. Take a lemon and cut it into two parts then half part keeps in your fridge and sees the magic.
  10. Clean the exterior: Cleaning the exterior part of your refrigerator using mild dish soap and with hot water and starting wipe down from top to bottom. Using window cleaner or vinegar and the non-scratching rag is the best for stainless steel refrigerator cleaning tips.


  1. Maintenance your refrigerator regularly and clean it at least one’s time in every month.
  2. Organize similar items on one shelf such as put juice, milk on one shelf.
  3. For bad products check weekly your refrigerator and keep out odors.
  4. Ensure that any parts won’t be break or crash
  5. Use liquid dishwashing and warm water to wipe the interior.
  6. To remove stubborn stains use vinegar or baking soda.
  7. When you use chemical products from the local market at first follow all instructions of this products with care.


  1. Make sure that any water or cleaning solution don’t fall off the inside vents.
  2. Before placing your kitchen trash old food should be bagged separately to avoid attracting rodents and animals.

The fridge or refrigerator is one of the hardest working appliances in your house. It’s subject to varied doors, overcrowding, and spills and this is the one appliance that never times to get rest. Try your best to maintain the refrigerator regularly and cleanliness of this kitchen workhorse. Keep your refrigerator temperature at 37 degrees. And the tips on how to clean inside of refrigerator will be the best refrigerator cleaning advice for you.

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