How to Decorate A Table With Plastic Tablecloths?

Do you think using a plastic table cloth on your table looks bad? Do you think it will not look amazing? If you think so, you are wrong!

Well, it might look boring if you can’t use it properly on your table. But if you can do it in the right way, it can turn your regular table into a gorgeous one. But for this, you should follow the methods.

You can use the technique for indoor and also outdoor parties and other events. You can also use printed table covers. A good-looking plastic tablecloth is best for birthday parties. And you will just wipe out and clean easily. And for the easy cleaning, you can use it later on so that, it can last too long.

On the other side, you can use one-time plastic cloths. You can decorate it as much as you want and throw away after the function is over. You don’t need to worry about the stain and all other things. It will be much easier.

Now, check this carefully to get clear about the methods to create wonderful creations. This can be very helpful for your random or grand functions.

Methods of using plastic table cloths on your table

You can decorate your table with many kinds of stuff and ideas. There are many ideas around there. We are just showing some of those to give you some ideas about it. So, let’s get started!

1. Drape Tie for Rectangular tablecloths

How to decorate a table with plastic tablecloths

Do you ever think what should you do with your rectangular tablecloths with pointed corners? Don’t you understand how to style it? Decorate your older tablecloths with some easy steps.

And to do that, put a tablecloth on your table. Make sure every edge is equally placed. Then take the center point of the right side of the table and place it to the upper side of it. Then take the two corners of the table and tie it together. Once the corners are tied, take the upper part of the cloth and drop it. Repeat the exact thing to the left side. HERE it is!

You can get a clean and professional look at these simple steps. Try it!

2. Pleated Table Skirt with Table Drape Tape

Try to follow the steps to create the wonderful pleated table Skirt.

All you need is a cloth (satin or whatever you like) and a drape tape.

At first, take a table drape tape and apply it all over the side of the table. Make sure it sticks well to the table. Then remove the extra layer of the tape. Then fold the edges of the cloth and steadily stick it with the draping tape. Start from the corner of the table to stick the material of cloth. Make creases by folding the cloth while sticking it. Do the same thing all over the edges of the table. That’s it! You can consider yourself a PRO! It’s super easy and looks amazing as well.

3. Ruffle Tablecloth

This is an attractive one you can say. It would be nice for birthday parties. Check out how to make it.

To make a ruffle, all you need is two red plastic tablecloths (use three or four tablecloths to cover all over the table) and a drape tape.

At first, stick the draping tape to the edges of the table. Then take a plastic table cloth and attach with the draping tape. Make sure you start from the corner side of the table. Make pleat while sticking it. Cover all over the edges. You can use another white or any light-colored tablecloth to the upper level of the table and cover the extra layer of those sticking plastic tablecloths. Here it is! You can now decorate and amaze everyone.

4. Head Table Scallop

The scallop is the easiest and the gorgeous looking than ever. It will go with birthday parties as well as big functions like a wedding. It will enhance the festive environment. Let’s check this out how to make this wonderful scallop.

For making it, you will need a table (big is better but anything else will do), 120″ round tablecloth and long dress pins.

At first, put the tablecloth on all over the table and cover it properly. You have to be sure that the edges are well-placed. Then start with the bottom and slowly gather all the clothes together. Then take a long dress pin and attach the gathered cloth with the pin. DONE! You’ve made an amazing scallop on your own. Try it and surprise everyone.

5. Tassel Garland

Tassels are always looking attractive. It will enhance the beauty of the table. And it’s easy as hell! Let’s see how to make a Tassel Garland.

To get started, you will need different colors of plastic tablecloths, a scotch tape, a decorating tape or a lace tape, a ruler and scissors.

The first step is to unfold your plastic tablecloth and measure 10 inches to your ruler. Then cut it and unfold your tablecloth and you find a crease in that. Cut according to the crease. Then repeat the technique and cut the other tablecloths as well. Gather all the tablecloths together and place it in a place. Make sure the tablecloths are on the same side. Use a paperweight or heavy stuff to hold those in place. Cut little slices from the cloth. Make sure you won’t cut all the way on the top. Then you can unfold when you are done. Then you can push away and start rolling it from bottom to the top. Once you have done, you can shake it to get a perfect shape. Then start twisting in the middle to form it in a kind of a ring. Once you make a loop, attach it with scotch tape. Make sure it’s quite tight and secure. Though it is optional still you can use a decorating tape or a lace tape. This will make it look more like festive. Yes, so it’s DONE!

Lastly, take a string and place all the tassels in a place and then you can attach them with the table or you can use it to create a festive background.

Final Verdict

The best thing about using a plastic table cloth is that it is cheap. And with these cheap products, you can make your random table looks amazing like hell. You can also use printed table covers to decorate your table. This will be easy and can be found in any random shop at a reasonable price. But this will be not out-of-the-box.

So, create your own decorative tablecloths. This would be amazing. You can follow those steps and make wonderful designs. You can make everyone surprise. Besides, this will look more attractive than the ordinary or printed tablecloths. So, you can try once. You will not face any problem as it’s so much easy to make.

Be creative, show everyone your creativity, and work like a PRO!

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