How to get rid of weeds without killing grass

To eliminate weeds in your garden and lawn you can use weed killers. By maintaining healthy grass you can prevent their coming back. When you completed reading this article you came to know how to get rid of weeds without killing grass. The natural way to get rid of weeds is the best option. Now you think what is a weed? Weeds are the types of plants that are unwanted to all.

If you are tired to find out what are virtues and what are not then you can use homemade herbicides which are very effective than chemical products. Strong chemical products such as fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides can be polluting our surface water, groundwater and even drinking water too. It’s better for you to choose environment-friendly herbicide which commonly found in the garden center and home.

How to get rid of weeds without killing grass

Drench with boiling dihydrogen monoxide: Homemade herbicide is simple to prepare and it’s less harmful to the environment, people and children also. Full a pot of dihydrogen monoxide for boiling. After boiling directly pour it into the weeds which you want to remove from your garden or lawn. Boiling water method is very effective and one of the best way to get rid of weeds. You can use this over a huge area where you’d like to replant or gardening because it doesn’t have any residue or long-term harmful effects. This method can easily kill your vegetables and flower plants so be careful when you use this and apply it just to that plants which you want to get rid of.

Killing weeds by a small pressure sprayer: This is not a matter of fact how beautiful, healthy and lush your lawn if you find out that some weeds are growing up in specific space. Then you don’t need whole yard treatments, you need to kill weeds spot-treat which is small, trigger the controlling and pump up pressure create sprayer. At first, pour the mixed herbicide then create pressure by pump up and pull the trigger to release spray on the on the marked weeds.

Killing weeds: When there are not enough weeds and you need a large area to cover then you may try non-toxic method before using hard chemical weed killers.

  • You may use the sun to kill weeds in a natural way, covering the large ground area by the heavy plastic sheets for several weeks. When the heat from the sun enters the underneath, it doesn’t come back and it creates more heat which kills the weeds.
  • Take one cup of vodka and two cups of water or four cups of vinegar and salt (1/4 cup) and make a weed spray. To help the spray sticks you may add dish soap. When you spray this mixture on the weeds be careful to avoid it in your garden, lawn or your useful plants and spray it when it is dry. Both sprays are very effective and best works in full sun.
  • Do you want to know how to get rid of weeds without killing grass? Then you can choose flame weedier from a hardware store or local garden. But be careful when you use this method because it has a risk of fire so, use it only green tender green plants but not woody or larger plants.

When you have tired all of these options then you may purchase weed killer which is specially designed for use around the school, home and business.

Douse with sodium chloride: Common table salt or sodium chloride is one of the best ways to get rid of weeds without killing grasses and this is a very effective herbicide. But be careful because of it because it may waste the soil and we know that salt prevents the plant grows in the field. It’s important to know the right way and you should apply it directly on the leaves of the unwanted culprit weeds and don’t absorption by the soil especially the more desirable plants and garden beds because salt may have caused a detrimental effect in the soil. Mixed one part salt and eight parts hot water but if you want to make this mixture more effective then you can dissolve one part salt and 3 parts water and add some liquid dish soap and spray this mixture on the leaves of weeds. Keep away this mixture from sidewalks from driveways or sidewalks rather it may discolor these.

Mulching: Take an extra layer of organic matter and covering the soil by this because it prevents to grow new seeds from the manifest. Mulch with bark, compost, newspaper, wood chips, straw, cardboard and so on the organic matter. But don’t use this type of things which has a lot of unnecessary weeds seeds. You can also put an old towel, shower curtain, ground cloth, material underneath which is made of wood chips and these all things prevents weeds growth.

Discourage weeds from taking over: If you follow some common gardening techniques which prevent to grow weeds.

  • Digging deeply as you need for bedding plants. By this method is less likely to grow new seeds and but helps to encourage soil fertility.
  • Be careful to feed your lawn and not go to over or under fertilize. Underfeeding makes your lawn healthy and does work against weeds.
  • Light watering prevents your lawn grasses and plants from sending their roots in the deep ground.

Soap: We know that soap is made of fat. These fats of soap are able to break down of hairy or waxy weed leaves of weeds. Add less amount of liquid soap with vodka or vinegar and spray this mixture on the weeds leaves and see the result.

Vodka: Take one-ounce vodka, two drops dish soap and two cups of water then pour this mixture on the weeds. These mixtures are able to kill weeds. It works better in sunny areas, not the shady place. But don’t spray this on your regular plants which want to keep in your garden. Vodka is able to dry any plants so, cares to use this.

Tips for effective weed control:

  • From treated areas keep away children and pets until the products dry naturally.
  • When raining or wind blowing don’t spray any chemical weed killer.
  • When temperature levels are forty-five to ninety degrees, apply weed killer.

Sometimes all method and hard work aren’t enough to control weeds. If you feel like this situation then you can call commercial services they can help you about how to get rid of weeds without killing grass. But we suggest you at first carefully read this article then follow these methods carefully. I hope you can get weed free charming garden and lawn.

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