How to keep bugs from eating my vegetable garden

Using homemade spray you can keep bugs, pests, insects, and diseases away from your garden. And luckily you can keep bugs out of the garden with inexpensive, simple spray which is non-toxic and doesn’t harm your plants, your children, pets even you. If you know the best way of how to keep bugs from eating my vegetable garden then you’ll become a successful gardener and you’ll be an owner of a beautiful garden. Before going to remedies first test on a plant leaf and this is a good idea.

Pests can destroy, invade both gardener and garden also. But don’t use harsh chemicals. There are many natural and true organic remedies. To keep your garden healthy, safely and naturally you can use the organic method to pests out of your garden. The best idea is to try to prevent to keep bugs away from your garden.

How to keep bugs from eating my vegetable garden

Know the beneficial insects: You have many reasons to introduce beneficial bugs though sometimes it’s really tough to identify who are the really good guys. Keep in mind that each insect doesn’t come into your garden for chow down your plant’s leafs. Some of them are carnivores who will quickly reduce any bugs population by eating harmful bugs and you don’t need pesticides spray. So, you’ll have to gain knowledge [for other site references] to know what they look like. They are more effective and safer than using any chemicals for the long term. It’s a better option to allow some lettuce, herb and cole plants to accomplish. Beneficial insects need nectar and pollen and protein from other insects. You need always healthy habitant from good insects to save your garden from bugs attack.

Allow your plants room enough air: It’s important that your garden needs good breeze and enough sunlight and air on a regular basis. But there are many peoples who trying to squeeze many plants to make enough space. But this is not a right way, in this way you get a temporary sense of abundance but it can lead a trouble for the long term. The density of plants may invite vegetable garden bugs because they can enjoy there both food and shelter and quickly they’ll try to raise their family starting to eat your vegetable garden.

Oil spray insecticide: Oil spray homemade insecticides made from vegetable oil with mild soap and this is the best natural ways to keep bugs out of the garden and this mixer will be devastating on some harmful insects such as thrips, aphids, and mites etc. Take one tablespoon of mild soap and one cup of vegetable oil and when the basic oil spray insecticides are ready to apply add two teaspoons of this oil mixed with one quart of water then shake well and which plants are affected by little bugs, spray directly on that plants. This mixture suffocates and greases the insect body and insect can’t breathe because mixture blocks the pores of the insects.

Watering: If you really curious to know how to keep bugs from eating my vegetable garden then you can try this method by your own hand and see the result. But it is easier to say than to do. Try watering your plants every morning if it is possible to you. This method has two advantages. Firstly, when the day will be very hot at that time your plant will be well hydrated. This makes bugs less attractive to prey the plants. And the second advantage is you plants leaves will get enough time to dry before evening. Dump plants are frequently affected by snails, earwigs, slugs and many other pests. As a regular basis, you can water deeply at least one or two times of a week. A little rain is always welcome but too much causes trouble in your plants so, wait for that time until the garden completely dries out.

Using neem oil insecticides: Do you know how to get rid of bugs in my garden? Use neem oil which is extracted from the neem seeds and it’s a very powerful insecticide which is 100{f07d6e3761f18cc40cedb2f8dd7fda0a63fb1b588e416e33a9fdf224027f0029} natural and doesn’t do any harm to you and your plants. This insecticide is capable of destroying the life circle of all types and all stages of insects such as egg, larva and adult rugs. It is nontoxic and environmentally friendly and doesn’t any harm to wildlife, fish, birds, and pets. You can found it in local markets or garden stores. Follow the instructions of the bottle or take two spoons of neem oil with one teaspoon of mild soap mixed with one quart of water and shaken thoroughly. If your plants have the possibility to affect by insects then you can also use preventatively by spraying plants and leaves before affected by rugs.

How to keep bugs from eating my vegetable garden

Hot peppers: Do you know hot pepper is a natural remedy to get rid of rugs, so, if you growing hot peppers in your garden you’ve already done this work half. Take some amount of hot peppers and chop this then keep it in a pot of water and boil it. When handling the pepper please wear the gloves. If you don’t have fresh pepper then you can use ground cayenne. Chopping an onion and one bulb of garlic and add one tablespoon of cayenne pepper. And then take a quart of water and adding the mixture with this and keep it for one hour then add liquid soap to a tablespoon. If your pepper plants are affected by bugs then spray them with a mixture of liquid soap and water.

Insect remedies plants: There are some plants that keep bugs away from the garden. I hope you feel comfortable when you know the details about insect-repelling plants. Essential oil of these plants worked as a bug repellent and insects avoid them. Now we know some of them:

  • Basil: You know that basil is delicious in salads and you may plant basils in pot or containers by your house indoor and outdoor areas where you like to relax. Take 4 ounce of boiling water and some basil leaves, squeeze them then keep the mixture in refrigerator.
  • Lavender: Lavender is used for sweet fragrance at home. Though human love this fragrance but flies, mosquito, fleas and unwanted insects hate it. Plant this in sunny areas.
  • Lemongrass: Lemongrass repels mosquito away. Maybe you know that citronella candles keep mosquitoes away but you don’t know it’s a natural oil which is found in lemongrass.

No one can guarantee you that you won’t have to face the bug’s problem but after reading this article I hope now you can say I know how to keep bugs from eating my vegetable garden. Now, you know some effective way to reduce the bugs population. If you follow all those tips you can get a healthy, insects and problem-free garden.

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