How to start a flower garden in your front yard

If you determine your mind to start a flower garden in front of your house then you may start this in the spring season because spring is a good time to begin digging and growing but summer is the best season to grow young plants. To start gardening, planting flowers is a great idea as a beginning project. You may choose bright color flower plants for your yard. Though gardening is not an easy task, from this article how to start a flower garden in your front yard and find some exclusive front flower garden ideas.

Take some time to plan your planting. If is it possible, then take some time for a review on planting basic. Study on those plants which you purchase for your garden and try to know which plants grow best in your climate. There are some essential basic ideas which are really important to know as a new gardener.

How to start a flower garden in your front yard

Create an idea: At first, you came to know which garden you want to start? Is this a vegetable, flower or herb garden? So, if you prefer to grow flower then you need to know some things such as which one must replant every year, which one has a shorter time to bloom but came continuously year after year? It’s better to mix those types of plants in your garden. Since it’s your garden so, decorate it on your own style and start to small.

Choose your location: Go outside and carefully choose that place which gets sunlight for more time through your flower garden is as small as a container on a patio or a window box. Whatever the size, it would be a brand new flower bed. Keep in mind that more sunlight helps to more blooms. At least six hours of sunlight is better for a flower garden. You can choose different types of plants which also loves the shadow. The best feature of an ideal location is adequate drainage measures. An irrigation system is better for a flower garden.

How to start a flower garden in your front yard

How to create a flower bed: At first you need to know how to prepare a flower bed and for this you need a plan before start gardening. Choose that location where has the nearest water source. Make a sketch before plant a flower bed. Use spray paint to mark out and hose for the shape the bed.

Clean up the ground: Though you don’t want to hear this it’s a first thing to do and an important part of this article how to start a flower garden in your front yard. If your lawn is full of weeds and grass then start to clean it though there are more weeds than actual grass. You can cover the area where you purchase for plants to get rid of weeds. You can dig out your soil if you want a quick result. Front yard flower bed ideas are best where you can’t ignore it and get your attention always. If you have enough time on your hand then spread the 3inch layer of compost on the newspaper by which you cover your planting bed and wait for 4 months until the paper and compost turn into decomposing.

Edge your garden beds: Simply break down between garden area and grass. Take a shovel and cut the edge of your flower bed. Using your creativity you can add some curves if your flower beds are straight lines. You can use edging materials but I prefer cleaner for meeting the soil covered with mulch.

Choose your plants: Plan and prioritize your garden according to your color, height, and spacing. Small plants keep in front and taller plants places in back. Use some evergreen plants so that your garden keep green even winter season. Before purchase plants know well about your climates and region. If you purchase window box or container this is the spiller, thriller and filler formula. Colorful and small elements keep over the edge and place the taller elements in the backward.

Put them in the flower bed: There are some kinds of plants which are able to tolerate cold but some are not. Such as kale and pansies, you may plant them in late winter and autumn and which are sensible about colds such as most annual flowers and tomatoes, so, until the winter passed, don’t plant them. Mid-autumn and mid-spring are the better time to plant flowers.
By sowing the seeds you may easily grow some kind of flowers such as sunflowers and lettuce are one of them. Before sowing the seeds carefully read all instructions of the seed packet to know how deep need to plant and when to plant. You can buy a container for the seedling. Make sure that seedling and seeds keep in moist but not wet.

Keep it simple: This is your garden, so you know better which plant will be the right choice for your garden. So, make it of your own style. Keep it simple but eye-catching with a few colors. Stay in a limited color when you purchase flowers. For starting stage of a garden you can select three colors. To create a monochromatic look you can choose yellow, red and orange color flower. For spring bloom you can add bulbs to the containers or ground. You can add herbs and kales to your flower bed to increase your garden beauty.

Water as needed: When you sow the seeds in the ground you need to water them every day but not too much. Ensure that seedling shouldn’t dry out. New plants need also frequent watering of every day until the roots of the plants go into the ground and established. Spray water slowly so that soil is able to soak it instead of running out. If the weather has been dry then you need watering daily.

Tips of flower garden ideas in front of the house

  • You can plant different perennials so that you can get flowers at the different time of the year.
  • Healthy and happy plants keep your mind fresh. Try to use good soil which has appropriate moisture and choose those plants which are well suited to your climate.

Now time to enjoy the beauty of your flower garden. Now you can start your flower garden from scratch because now you know how to start a flower garden in your front yard. A charming flower garden in front of your house expresses your personality and style. It’s not so tough that you think before. So, start your gardening and increases your home beauty and make your neighbor jealous.

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